1080P USB Charger Spy Camera WiFi – HD Live Streaming Video Camcorder with Motion Detection

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1080P USB Charger Spy Camera WiFi – HD Live Streaming Video Camcorder with Motion Detection USB AC Wall Plug Adapter for Phone with Remote View 4K Ultra

LATEST VERSION – Newest Chip Wireless Solution It supports various smart phones ( iPhone, Android, IOS) Apps.You can you use it as a regular charger adapter for your cell phones and other electronic devices ,that can be charged by connecting to USB port

PERFECTLY CONCEALED 1080P HD with perfectly discreet mini Lens without being noticed or recognized as hidden camera.

Ease of Use- Just connect all new WiFi Camera in to the plug, and connect to home/office WiFi as instructed in manual in just 3 simple steps. You can live stream from your mobile or laptop wherever you’re. To setup wifi connection please read user manual

Motion Detection: This powerful feature works when the hidden camera detects any suspicious motion it records automatically.

Plug the device in the electricity switch board, you will see “Blue” & ”Red” light on the device. 2. Download “HDminiCAM” from App Store for IOS device or from Google Play Store for android device.
Now go to your phone Wi-Fi setting. Search for the new Wi-Fi signal (Wi-Fi name will be same as UID which is printed on the device) and connect it. (IF UID DOES NOT APPEAR IN WIFI SETTING, PLEASE RESET THE DEVICE BY PRESSING RESET BUTTON).  After connection is been made, go to “HDminiCAM” app which was downloaded earlier. As soon as you open the app, Camera will be automatically detected. And it will be online.  Click on the “Cam” to view live video feed. Recording video. For recording press the record button.
Recording Audio For recording video with audio, Press audio record button. * In case if you forgot the password, please reset it the device. It will reset the password.


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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm


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